Press Release: IFIS&IZ condemns the coup attempt in Turkey

In recent times we are witnessing globally terrorism and deletion. The frequency of events are overturning us. Yesterday we witnessed scenes in Turkey...

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IFIS&IZ hosted a workshop about ‘‘The Teaching of Traditional İslamic Sciences (Madrasa) with an academic perspective in the European Context’

On Friday 3rd June 2016 the İFİS&İZ has hosted a workshop on ‘‘The Teaching of Traditional İslamic Sciences with an academic perspective in the...

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FIS&IZ: Primary school children of the Wilhem-Wund School discover the arts of calligraphy in KUDEM and IFIS&I

On the 17th of May a group consisting of primary school children and children from the crèche of the Wilhem - Wunsch School visited KUDEM to...

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We are glad to congratulate you on the blessed Eid Ul Fitr Al-Mubarak.

Mit dem Ende des gesegneten Fastenmonats Ramadan feiern Muslime auf der ganzen Welt das gesegnete Ramadan-Fest (arab.: ʿĪd al-fiṭr; türk.: Ramazan...

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IFIS&IZ congratulates all Muslims on the blessed Lailat al-qadr

In these days in which Ramadan is drawing to an end we expect at the same time in joyful excitement the highlight of this blessed month: “The Night of...

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Press Relase: IFIS&IZ condemns the terror attack on the Atatürk Airport in Istanbul

The attack happened during the holy month of Ramadan, in a time of special spiritual reflection and worship, a time of mercy and peace. Again we are...

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IFIS&IZ welcomes with joy the time of Itikaf in the last ten days of Ramadan, which is spiritual purifcaiton of the soul & heart

Our beloved Prophet (pbuh) has practiced Itikaf (Iʿtikāf ) within the last ten days of Ramadan. Itikaf means to go “into retreat and seclusion” and...

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IFIS&IZ and KUDEM hosted Iftar dinner with selected guests

The traditional iftar dinner hosted by IFIS&IZ and KUDEM took place with great interested and enthusiasm by the invited guests. The founding director...

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IFIS&IZ congratulates on the occasion of the beginning of holy month of Ramadan

Ramadan in 2016 will start on Monday, the 6th of June and will continue for 30 days until Monday, the 4th of July.

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IFIS&IZ wishes to all Muslims a blessed Laylat-al Baraat

On 21st May 2016, Muslims all over the world are going to celebrate Laylat-al Baraat, the blessed “Night of Absolution” occurring on the night of...

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Sponsoring Association

KUDEM was founded in 2004 to introduce the cultural and artistic treasures of Islam and the Orient into the European society by the organization of courses and other activities.

In addition KUDEM also commits itself as a sponsor of science in whom it supports the Institute for Islamic Studies and Intercultural Cooperation (IFIS&IZ) in the organization of different events and by the provision of the infrastructure.

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